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Wednesday, May 11, 2011
at 8:43 PM

'eve. :)
So I'll be re-posting something I have already posted from my previous blog. (coz'I moved! :D) Anyways, here it is!

1 fresh egg
1 fork
2 small bowls

-it can feel itchy as it dries since it tightens to the point where you can't move any face muscles
-do not do this if you are allergic to eggs


1. Wash your face thoroughly. Make sure your skin is free of all makeup. If you have long hair you will want to tie it back.

2. Take your egg and crack it. Separate the yolk into one bowl and the egg white in the other bowl. You can use the egg yolk later for cooking or throw it out. (As for me, I ended up cooking and eating eat since I don't like wasting food)

3. Beat the egg white with a fork till you see bubbles.

4. Dab your clean fingertips on the egg white and apply it onto your face. (You don't need to apply too much, an even layer would be fine. 1tablespoon can consume your whole face.)

5. Let it dry. (You'll know that it's dry when you can no longer smile.)

6. When dry, rinse it off with water.

-it's natural
-wonderful for treating oily skin
-moisturizes skin
-whitening the skin
-it gives you a TEMPORARY face lift
-it tightens the skin
-diminishes pore size
-lovely tingly feel when washed off
-leaves skin feeling smooth and even

-it can be a tad messy to apply
-it doesn't always work on cystic acne

unforgotten whispering,
it worked on my face.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011
at 5:38 PM

Just got home from Seoul, Korea yesterday. I had fun shopping. Yes, i did. Haha anyways, the place was lovely. Cherry blossoms here and there, it was beautiful. Their strawberries? Perfect and sweet. The only thing that ruined this trip was the fact that I was limping for 3 days and had to be assisted by my step brother when going down the stairs. I couldn't help it, turns out that I had inflamed ligaments on my left knee, I just got back from the doctor and he said that I'll be getting the final results two days from now. My father told me not to worry since the doctor was a childhood friend of mine and he'll make sure that I'll be okay. I hope so. >.< Anyways, here are some of the pictures from Korea. Enjoy! :D

Monday, April 11, 2011
at 1:22 PM

So the reason behind my stomach aches turned out to be appendicitis. According to Wikipedia, "Appendicitis a condition characterized by inflammation of the appendix. It is classified as a medical emergency and many cases require removal of the inflamed appendix, either by laparotomy or laparoscopy." I don't know which surgery I underwent, though I'm certainly glad that it's over. They removed my appendix last April 5,2011 just in time before it could rupture and poison me to death so all is well.

I would like to thank the people who visited and greeted me. You guys helped me made it through.

After two days in the hospital and went home to get some rest so I could go to Subic along with my family, step-family and step-cousins. The doctor did say that it would be good for me to get some exercise but was a little worried about the bumps in the road. My father told me that it was okay, since the road to Subic wasn't really bumpy, but swimming was out of the question of course and that I shouldn't over do it because I just went through a minor surgery. I'm glad to let you know that I did go and that I did have a wonderful time. It was better than feeling sick in bed all day.

sweet nothings,
I heart you

Thursday, March 31, 2011
at 3:29 PM

"Happy Graduates Raise Your Voices"
date: 3/29/2011
time: 8am
venue: auditorium

I am officially done with high school but I'll let you in on one thing. I'll never forget high school and the people who were with me, who were there for me and became good friends of mine. It was truly a lovely experience. Now that it's all over, everything's going to change and a new page will soon start to open for each and every single one of us. We can't forget about the people we hated and loved, the people who made our lives worth living. I honestly can't thank them enough, the people who believed in me, who were by my side in each and every step of the way, the people who thought I'd fall, who taught me how to fail and helped me to prevail. I stood on that stage and showed them all that I had the strength to make it through. They helped me find my way. The diploma? The certificates? The medals? The awards? I owe it all to them. Without them, I wouldn't have made it this far. Without them, I would have nothing to cherish. So I thank you one and all.

sweet nothings,
I'll always have the memories while I'm finding out who I'm going to be

Wednesday, March 23, 2011
at 8:30 PM

While waiting to be fetched yesterday... I went up to the gym with some boys and watched them as they played basketball... But since I'm really not a sporty type of girl, I didn't really pay attention to their game and plugged my earphones in and just read my old poems and made new ones... Here's one...

"Lovely Lady's Destiny"
by J.Q.

Controlling your feelings is a skill you have to learn
Respect from others is something you have to earn
You need to know how to stay calm when things go wrong
You need to keep your chin up and stand tall no matter how long

Stay gentle and poised all throughout the day
With complicated things going through your mind you have to quietly lay
You should know how important it is not to let your feelings show
Since you, for one know that's when you problems start to grow

Manners and etiquette has always been the key
To get through life nice and easily
A young lady should always remember to always stay calm and serene
Even when she wants to cry and on a shoulder lean

No one knew how it hurt to keep it all inside
To always put on a smile and others she shall guide
To a place so happy and ever so lovely
While she cries and suffers with no one she feels so lonely

"Your employment will surely be quickly ended when they see how your emotions make you weak..."

sweet nothings,
is that warm smile unreal?

New Day at 8:01 PM


As you can see... I have deleted my previous post in order to make a brand new start... Graduation is only a few days from now and I'm kinda excited to turn over a new leaf... But of course, I'm a little bummed because I'm sure that I'll miss my friends... These last four years have been one of the highlights of my life... I have met so much people who have helped me change for the better... I have had my share of laughs, fights and cries... But now, I can see everyone getting closer and closer to one another... Even those who never talk to each other before actually talk now... People who used to fight, hugged... And now all I can see are smiles and tears of joy and sadness... All I can say to my batch mates is "Thank You" for helping me grow to who I have become... I'll never forget you...

"LONG LIVE all the walls we crashed through... I had the time of my life fighting dragons with you... And long, long live the look on your face..."

sweet nothings,
we will be remembered...


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